Feb 06

New Healing School

: : : new monthly event : : :



Worship – Teaching – Testimonies – Prayer

Everyone is invited

7 pm the third Friday of each month

at our Washington DC campus

Join us at our new monthly event


Jan 29

Guest Teachers

Welcome as our guest any evening

Monday through Thursday beginning at 6:30 pm.



Our Upcoming Guest Teacher

Schedule for Baltimore and Washington DC

Mickey & Suzan Cartagena 

Baltimore Mar 19 & 20 and Washington DC Mar 21 & 22

Mike & Caroline Hoesch 

Baltimore Apr 23 & 24 and Washington DC Apr 25 & 26



Oct 11

Guest Teachers

 Welcome as our guest any evening

Monday through Thursday beginning at 6:30 pm.



Our Upcoming Guest Teacher

Schedule for Baltimore and Washington DC

Mickey & Suzan Cartagena 

Baltimore Mar 19 & 20 and Washington DC Mar 21 & 22

Mike & Caroline Hoesch 

Baltimore Apr 23 & 24 and Washington DC Apr 25 & 26



Jun 23

New Fall Term

READY to change your life for the better ??

New Fall Term begins Monday September 11, 2017

Begin your application process to reserve your place

in 2017-18 CHARIS Bible College Washington DC classes.

Both full (4 evenings/week) and part time (2 evenings/week) schedules available.

  Full Application Package Download  

This package contains all your application forms, tuition schedule, and the year’s calendar.

Your Fall Registration and Open House will be held

on either September 5th and 6th, 2017.

  Wash DC school location   

New students will submit their fees, and tuition

and receive their syllabus binders and school logo material.

Call us (703)-743-0942, if you have questions,

Chip & Margaret Morrow, your directors


May 25




Join us for NATIONAL CHARIS DAY 2017

on June 17th, 2017

Do you have a desire to manifest what God has planned for you and your life?


Join other like you and attend this year’s CHARIS DAY

on Saturday June 17th at 10:30 am – 1:30 pm.

Attend either campus:

Washington DC                                                  Baltimore

6118 Franconia Rd                                              2288 Bluewater Blvd 

Suite 200                                                            Suite 480

Alexandria, VA 22310                                        Odenton MD 21113

Charis Bible College is where students are saturated in the Word of God
and trained to operate in His power.

For more general information visit CHARISDAY.org


Charis Bible College president and founder

CoHost, Carrie Pickett, co-director of Charis international operations

> Free gift for all who attend at a local campus

> Free gifts for all new students who completes their registration

Register today and take hold of the keys you need to unlock your destiny.

CHARIS is closer than you think!

May 06

Summer Activities

Praise the Lord! We are completing our fourth year of school at our Washington DC campus and the first year of the Baltimore campus.

Students and staff are greatly blessed.

The school year is ending this month.

We will be planning an event during the summer the details to follow and will be posted here.

Blessings, Chip & Margaret Morrow



Apr 10

Greg Fritz

< < < <  G U E S T   T E A C H E R  > > > >

 GREG RITZGreg Fritz

beginning at 6:30 pm

April 18th at Baltimore campus

April 19th & 20th at Wash DC campus

Greg Fritz is a frequent speaker at Charis Bible Colleges across the US and enjoys teaching and ministering in Bible Schools and Leadership Conferences around the world.

Greg has been serving in full time ministry since graduating from Rhema Bible Training Institute traveling and teaching the Word around the world for more than 20 years. His ministry has helped thousands of people understand how faith works and grows through his teaching style that combines great insight with great humor.

He and his wife Carol have made Tulsa Oklahoma their home base since 1990. Greg Fritz serves on the board of directors of Charis Christian Center, pastored by Lawson Perdue in Colorado Springs.

Feb 16

Andrew Wommack


with ANDREW WOMMACKAndrew_Wommack_FBBlkBluMar15

3 days – March 16-17-18, 2017

at the Hylton Memorial Chapel

Woodbridge, VA

Hot Link to event details


Jun 22

Day and Evening Classes

CHARIS at Washington DC Campus offers more options:

Full time (4 times/week) or Part time (2 times/week)

First Year  –  Evening Classes

Second Year   –  Day or Evening Classes




Daytime classes for second year students

Full-time and part-time students will attend Monday-Thursday 10:00 am-1:15 pm. New staff member, Leigh Cassedy, will be coordinating the day classes. She recently completed three years of training to qualify as a Charis Bible College coordinator.




Evening classes for first year and second year

Full-time and part-time students attend Monday–Thursday 6:30-9:30 pm. Chip and Margaret Morrow, directors of Charis Washington DC will conduct these evening classes.

Washington DC campus is located at

6118 Franconia Rd. Suite 200, Alexandria, VA 22310.

Call Chip and Margaret at 703-743-0942. 



 = = = = = = = = NEW Campus for Charis near Baltimore = = = = = = = = =

For those in the Baltimore, MD area, we want to introduce Dolores Woodson. She has completed three years of training with Charis to qualify to manage the new Baltimore campus. The location is 2288 Bluewater Blvd. Suite 480, Odenton, MD 21113.

First year classes are offered several ways:

Day School for part time students on Wednesday and Friday from 8:30 – 11:30 AM.

Evening School for part time students on Monday and Tuesday from 6:30 – 9:30 PM.

Evening School for full time students on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 6:30 – 9:30 pm.

Contact Dolores with your questions by:

email Charis.Baltimore@yahoo.com 

or call 410-888-7208


Mar 07

March Guest Teachers

Charis Bible College – Washington DC

Monday and Tuesday at 6:30 pm

March 14th & 15th


Mike Hoesch is making available to you his teaching notes on  Passivity  (click to view or download).

M C Hoesch cropHave you ever wanted to meet someone who has experienced an obvious but “impossible” healing from God? Would you like he and his wife to show you in the scriptures how anyone can be healed? Would you like a chance to ask them questions?

Mike Hoesch was healed of a cancerous tumor and has the horrifying pictures to show it. His breakthrough of understanding came when he read one of Andrew Wommack’s books titled You’ve Already Got It. Mike and Caroline’s story is featured in Healing Journeys 3. Visit Andrew Wommack Ministries website to read about Mike’s healing and Hoesch healing video about Mike Hoesch.

Mike and Caroline Hoesch work full time at the ministry prayer/call center and teach healing in their local church and around the world..

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