Jun 22

Day and Evening Classes

CHARIS at Washington DC Campus offers more options:

Full time (4 times/week) or Part time (2 times/week)

First Year  –  Evening Classes

Second Year   –  Day or Evening Classes




Daytime classes for second year students

Full-time and part-time students will attend Monday-Thursday 10:00 am-1:15 pm. New staff member, Leigh Cassedy, will be coordinating the day classes. She recently completed three years of training to qualify as a Charis Bible College coordinator.




Evening classes for first year and second year

Full-time and part-time students attend Monday–Thursday 6:30-9:30 pm. Chip and Margaret Morrow, directors of Charis Washington DC will conduct these evening classes.

Washington DC campus is located at

6118 Franconia Rd. Suite 200, Alexandria, VA 22310.

Call Chip and Margaret at 703-743-0942. 



 = = = = = = = = NEW Campus for Charis near Baltimore = = = = = = = = =

For those in the Baltimore, MD area, we want to introduce Dolores Woodson. She has completed three years of training with Charis to qualify to manage the new Baltimore campus. The location is 2288 Bluewater Blvd. Suite 480, Odenton, MD 21113.

First year classes are offered several ways:

Day School for part time students on Wednesday and Friday from 8:30 – 11:30 AM.

Evening School for part time students on Monday and Tuesday from 6:30 – 9:30 PM.

Evening School for full time students on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 6:30 – 9:30 pm.

Contact Dolores with your questions by:

email Charis.Baltimore@yahoo.com 

or call 410-888-7208