First Year

Become grounded in the Word of God

Charis Bible College believes in the importance of academics, but those who are going into the ministry must know how to minister! We strive for a balance between knowledge of Scripture and practical ministry experiences. The first-year is offered as a hybrid program at the Washington DC extension school. The hybrid program is a combination of online courses being done on your own (home, work, school, wherever you like) as well as gathering together every other Saturday (twice a month {10am – 4pm}). The first year program can be done on a part-time (2 year process) or full-time basis (1 year process).

About First Year classes

First-year courses (29 Core Courses and 10 Electives = 39 Courses) include Relationship with God, Basics of Righteousness, Receiving from God, and Old Testament Survey to name a few. The curriculum was designed to give students a solid biblical foundation with an emphasis on faith, grace and walking with the Holy Ghost through the work of the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In addition to classes, first-year students are required to volunteer 12 hours each term (3 months) in practical ministry either in a local church, Andrew Wommack Ministries, Charis Bible College, or other CBC-approved ministries. There are many opportunities to serve depending on your interests, talents, and availability.

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