Welcome to CHARIS Bible College-Washington DC

We are Chip and Margaret Morrow, directors of CHARIS-Washington DC.

When we retired, we enjoyed ourselves for a few years but soon felt bored/out of God’s will.  Chip did an internet search for “God’s will” and discovered the Andrew Wommack Ministry website.  A year later, we moved to Colorado and attended CHARIS Bible College.  We graduated in 2012 and completed an additional third year, training us to direct a Bible college.

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Chip was saved after watching a Billy Graham movie, “The Restless Ones” in 1966.  Margaret was saved while reading Basic Christianity by John Stott in 1974.  We both were baptized in the Holy Spirit during a Bible study at Picatinny Arsenal chapel in 1976.  But we grew very slowly, remaining babies even though we were very active in church work and faithful in attendance.

Why would we start a Bible college when there are churches already teaching the same thing?  It’s because one year of Bible College equals in time to over 10 years of being in church for an hour every single Sunday.  There is no substitute for time in the Word for growing up Christians.  (I Peter 2:2-3)

What has CHARIS done for us and thousands of students like us?  We’re better spouses, children, parents, friends and sons of God.  We know God loves us not because we’re so lovable but because He IS love.  We care more about what God thinks and less about what people think.  God has been magnified in our lives.  In a nutshell, we’ve grown up at last.

Yours in Christ,

Chip and Margaret Morrow