CHARIS Bible College is now in the Washington DC area

November 2014

Guest Speakers


Wendell Parr Teaching


Fellowship in the Break Room



A 2014-15 school year begins with new classrooms and new students.

First Year Class

First Year Class

Second Year Class

Second Year Class


Fellowship in he Break Room

Fellowship in the Break Room

Andrew Visits CBC in Alexandria

Friday, July 18, 2014: Andrew Wommack had never seen our Washington DC campus and wanted to meet with our students in a small group setting. We gave him the grand tour of our school and enjoyed fellowship in the break area until we moved into the larger classroom.

Our students honored Andrew with their testimonies of how CHARIS-Washington DC had blessed their lives. As the students spoke, Andrew’s face glowed with joy. He shared his heart with the students. Then Chip and I drove him back to his hotel to give him a short rest before ministering at Hylton Memorial Chapel that evening. Andrew talked about the students’ testimonies for most of the drive. We were so happy to see Andrew enjoying the fruit of his ministry.

That evening, our students prayed for the sick at the Gospel Truth Rally. We’ve heard about a man’s injured shoulder that was restored to full motion from its frozen state. A young woman was delivered. Another young woman born with a birth defect in her brain was visibly improved by prayer. I know I’m not doing justice to all the results of prayer from that evening but that’s all I’ve heard so far. Many people will remember July 18, 2014 as a special day because of God’s mercy, love and grace flowing to them through student vessels.

1407AW Visit

Open House

Monday, July 21: Our summer open house let people find out where our school is located, check out the facilities, meet our students and find answers to questions. After Chip led a question and answer session, students described their CHARIS-DC experiences. Second year student Leigh prayed that our visitors would be led by the wisdom of God. Decisions were made that evening that will change the course of lives.


Blog about Our Directors

Read the new blog on the CHARIS Bible College website about how our Washington DC directors had their lives changed.    ” Does Life Seem Pointless? “

2014 Promotion Class


CBC-DC First Year Promotion Class with the Directors and Staff

Ten students have completed the first year and were promoted to the second year class at a dinner on May 14, 2014.

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Read the article about Chip & Margaret’s journey to CBC-Washington DC

in Andrew Wommack’s web blog posted on December 9th, 2013.