Oct 14

November Speakers

And the things that thou hast heard

of me (Paul) among many witnesses,

the same commit thou to faithful men,

who shall be able to teach others also.”

2 Timothy 2:2



This scripture is the mission statement of Charis Bible College. In the month of November, CHARIS Washington DC campus will be hosting three guest speakers who have been found faithful and have extraordinary life experiences to teach to you.




November 10th 6:30-7:20 pm

Bble StudySusan Dial (69 years young) has recently moved to the Washington area from her childhood home in South Carolina. This was in answer to the call on her life to share what the Holy Spirit has taught Her about God’s Covenants and His faithfulness to perform all that He has promised for the believer. Her audience quickly relates with her moving testimony of the miraculous healing of her son’s dead kidney and other provisions as a single mother after being deserted by her husband. With simplicity she brings fresh insight into the integrity of our Heavenly Father.


Mitzi Nel and her late husband Henry started the Church of God in Capetown, South Africa 60 years ago. They retired from the ministry and became missionaries to the children and widows in Zimbabwe, Africa. During the seven year drought they were feeding 3500 starving children every day. Mitzi witnessed the power of God providing food for the children when there was no food available! Mitzi’ has lived in the miraculous with testimonies about standing against the power of witch doctors. Hear how she was miraculously healed of a stroke which paralyzed her left side. Mitzi currently lives in Yorktown, VA with her daughter and continues sharing the love of God.



November 17 & 18, 6:30-9:30 pm


Wendell Parr has been in ministry for over four decades. He founded a charismatic church in Texas where he served as Senior Pastor for 18 years. In 1994, he moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado to help Andrew Wommack start Charis Bible College. He taught there for three years and then moved to England where he successfully planted the first CHARIS extension school. He directed Bob Nichols’ Bible school in Fort Worth, Texas, before returning to Colorado where he now serves as the Director of AWM World Outreach and an instructor at CHARIS. Wendell and his wife, Linda, have two children, Wendy and Dean, and one granddaughter, Ashtin.



Come join us at CHARIS in Washington DC for these speakers.

Call 703.743.0942 for directions or other information.



Sep 20

Growth at CHARIS

The first week of school has come and gone. We now have 11 second year and 23 first year eager students attending at the start of 2014-15 school year. That is 34 students in contrast to the 19 students we had at this time last year.

Charis Bible College – Washington DC is growing!

To see all the students, click on the Students tab above.


Our first guest speaker is scheduled in October.

M I K E   B R A U N

October 6 – 8th, Monday-Wednesday 7:30-9:30 pm


MIke BraunMind Games” is what Mike Braun calls his revelation on how to always discern the source of a thought. If we know a thought’s source, we’re equipped to accept or reject it. It’s in our choices and thought life that the war is lost or won. The best Bible promise imaginable is made powerless if we don’t accept and act upon it. Likewise, Satan is powerless if we don’t accept and act upon the lies he sends to us disguised as thoughts. Mike Braun teaches how to win this war of the mind and be victorious in every area of our lives from healing to prosperity.

Visit Mike’s website The Truth Wins for a preview. We’re certain you’ll be blessed and empowered.

Charis Bible College students in Colorado found Mike’s teaching so helpful that even after four hours of CBC classes, they ate a hasty lunch and stayed to attend Mike’s afternoon teaching.

It’s worth the effort to come and learn from Mike Braun. All are welcome.

For directions to our campus, point click on the Contact Us tab above and click on Washington DC Location.


Sep 02

Open House & Registration




WHERE: 6118 Franconia Road, Alexandria, VA 22310

You’ll turn into the parking lot and enter the door under the big numbers “6118”. Take the elevator or stairs to the second floor. Follow the signs to the CHARIS Bible College break room. Receive your name tag and join in the fun.

WHEN: either September 8th or 9th, 5:30-7:30pm

Come either day or both. (Attendance at one of the dates is mandatory for incoming students at CHARIS Bible College unless other arrangements are made.)


  • To celebrate CHARIS Bible College in the DC area beginning its second year.

  • To encourage family and friends in their decision to attend.

  • To see the expanded facilities.

  • To experience some videotaped samples of classes

  • Because everyone is welcome.

P.S. There are pictures of the school on the website if you’d like a peek.

Click here => CBCWashDC.org



Be prepared to:

  • Have you picture taken for the CBC identification badge.

  • Pay your fees.

  • Pay tuition.

  • Receive your books.

All this will be done in the CHARIS Bible College office.

(Ask a volunteer for directions to the office.) 

Jul 23

July 2014

Andrew Visits CBC in Alexandria

Friday, July 18: Andrew Wommack had never seen our Washington DC school and wanted to meet with our students in a small group setting. We gave him the grand tour of our school and enjoyed fellowship in the break area until we moved into the larger classroom.

Our students honored Andrew with their testimonies of how CBC-DC had blessed their lives. As the students spoke, Andrew’s face glowed with joy. He shared his heart with the students. Then Chip and I drove him back to his hotel to give him a short rest before ministering at Hylton Memorial Chapel that evening. Andrew talked about the students’ testimonies for most of the drive. We were so happy to see Andrew enjoying the fruit of his ministry.

That evening, our students prayed for the sick at the Gospel Truth Rally. We’ve heard about a man’s injured shoulder that was restored to full motion from its frozen state. A young woman was delivered. Another young woman born with a birth defect in her brain was visibly improved by prayer. I know I’m not doing justice to all the results of prayer from that evening but that’s all I’ve heard so far. Many people will remember July 18, 2014 as a special day because of God’s mercy, love and grace flowing to them through student vessels.

1407AW Visit

Open House

Monday, July 21: Our summer open house let people find out where our school is located, check out the facilities, meet our students and find answers to questions. After Chip led a question and answer session, students described their CBC-DC experiences. Second year student Leigh prayed that our visitors would be led by the wisdom of God. Decisions were made that evening that will change the course of lives.


Apply and Register in September

It’s not too late to make a decision that could change the course of your life. The application forms can be downloaded from our website, filled out and sent to our Franconia Road address. Mark your calendars for the fall open house, held on September 8 or 9, 5:30-7:30 pm. Come on whichever date is more convenient for you. Students will have pictures taken for their lanyards, will receive books, and will pay tuition and fees.

All are welcome to come, student or not.

We hope to see you there!

Download an application and mail it in by August 30th.

Jun 23

Summer Events



Andrew Wommack at Woodbridge, VA, July 18, 2014 @ 7 pm


Summer Open House at CBC-DC, July 21, 2014 @ 5:30-7:30 pm

(Find answers to your questions. Meet and talk with our students.)


Fall Open House and Registration, September 8 or 9, 2014 @ 5:30-7:30 pm

(Registration is mandatory for all students.)


Fall Term Classes begin September 15, 2014

Class hours 6:30-9:30 pm Monday-Thursday

First Year classes – full time and part time 

Second Year classes – full time only 

(Full-time students attend each evening; part time students meet two evenings per week)

 Visitors are invited to all guest speakers sessions,

however attending regular classes is limited to five evenings per term.



Website: CBCWashDC.org            E-mail: CBC.WashDC@yahoo.com

Phone: 703-743-0942

May 17

CBC Promotion 2014

CBC-DC held its first promotion ceremony, May 14, 2014

Ten students have completed the first year course and are promoted to the second year.


The class voted to have several members speak at the promotion dinner. Excerpts of their talks are presented below.

Visit WWW.CBCWashDC.org for information about our Summer Open House July 21, 2014.


Luke 8:15 “But that on the good ground are they which in an honest and good heart, having heard the word, keep it, and bring forth fruit with patience.”
This verse, for me, sums up the full experience at CBC. The word, that is the seed, is always good, but it does not always fall in good ground, and only 1/4 of the seed sown will take root on fertile ground. Well, I want to be part of that 25% good ground. So without any regard for the busy schedule of work, and businesses, I jumped in, head first!
That ground, is an “honest and good heart”. It is conditioned and made ready to receive. So the straight word teaching at CBC has conditioned my heart to hear and accept the word, I have noticed that this past school year I have become more patient, not easily agitated when things don’t go according to plan, and not easily upset.

I have not lost my cool when I was told I was going to be sued, when I had heart trouble, and when I had to prepare for my son’s wedding, and a difficult, sand paper boss at work to top it all off! All of which are events that out of the ordinary and I would have been off the deep end if it had not been for the word sown, and the soil of my heart made ready and, bought forth fruit with patience. Without taking notice of it, the seed began sprouting and fruit started coming forth.

I can not wait to see and be a part of what God is doing in these end times. He is truly equipping the saints to take on the task of the final harvest. I can not think of any other Bible school to meet that need except CBC. I am truly blessed beyond measure!


As I considered what I might say, at promotion, the Lord told me to think on the first day I walked into CBC. I remembered how overwhelmed I felt to finally interact with other like-minded believers who spoke the same language, “The Love for Jesus Christ” and meant it. As the weeks rolled by, I was amazed at how much confirmation or revelation I was receiving from the Holy Spirit . As each instructor taught his lesson, he often spoke directly to what I had previously prayed or pondered a few days prior.

The friendships that we have established with one another are priceless, for God always sends people across our path for a purpose. Because Jesus is the constant within our lives, we have the grace to enjoy each one of our differences as we learn from one another. I believe God wants us to meditate on this very principle in John 15:16 (KJV) Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.


I want to acknowledge Andrew Wommack founder of Charis Bible College (CBC). I thank God that Andrew said yes to God’s plan for his life. I also want to say thank you to Chip and Margaret Morrow and Janice Wright for making this venture truly an amazingly beautiful experience.

As a minister, I didn’t really know what to expect. I just wanted to know more about the Bible. I wanted to clearly understand the message of Christ. I wanted to better understand the entire Bible, both major and minor prophets, healing, etc. I received that and much more than I imagined I would. I enjoyed every class and every instructor.

My experience with the students here at CBC-DC truly has been amazing. Every student brought something different to the table to enhance my life and the lives of others. On one occasion a student discerned that someone needed prayer. I raised my hand and told the students that I was experiencing a cough that was difficult to go away. In fact, I had been treated for bronchitis twice in 12 months. The students immediately came over to pray for me. I was healed and I have not had any problems with coughing from that day-to this.

At the conclusion of this year, I am forever changed. My church, my family, and friends can enjoy the fruit of the laborers of CBC. I want to make a special note that Chip, Margaret, and Janice always operated as one. Which really says a lot about Andrew.

Again, thank you.


Mar 26

Meet Our Students

We’d like to introduce you to two of our current students at CBC-DC. For pictures and other student’s stories, click on this link www.cbcwashdc.org/students




Eric works for the Department of the Defense as IT project manager. He started with CBC-DC during the winter quarter as a full-time student. How has CBC-DC benefited him? He has gained revelation knowledge and deeper roots in the knowledge of God and his relationship with Him. Eric believes God has first of all called him to be His child and secondly to be a teacher in the Body of Christ. Eric is currently helping another CBC-DC student pastor a church in the DC area. He says, “CBC is the best place to be if you really want to get to know God and His Word.”




bird1Another full-time student, Kelsie, owns and manages an assisted living facility in her home named after her grandmother Catherine. Kelsey lived with her grandmother until she was 18 and had her own place. Then Catherine moved in with her. Kelsey had a friend who was unhappy with the facility where her mother lived and wanted to move her to Catherine’s House along with her mother’s friend. Catherine’s House was licensed to meet the needs of the elderly. At CBC, Kelsey most appreciates the unity among the students, the acceptance, warmth and love that only comes from the Holy Spirit joining everyone together. She says, “For me it’s all about the Word. If you are not teaching the Word you are doing a huge disservice because it’s ONLY the Word that will change your life. Charis teaches the Word and only the Word. I remember talking to Chip before class during the summer and I asked him what I needed to bring and he said ‘just your Bible, that’s our textbook’”.

awm-cbc logo





Feb 26

March Guest Speakers

Visit Charis Bible College – Washington DCM C Hoesch crop

March 10-12, 6:30 pm

Hear Mike and Caroline Hoesch

Have you ever wanted to meet someone who has experienced an obvious but “impossible” healing from God? Would you like he and his wife to show you in the scriptures how anyone can be healed? Would you like a chance to ask them questions?

Mike Hoesch was healed of a cancerous tumor and has the horrifying pictures to show it. His breakthrough of understanding came when he read one of Andrew Wommack’s books titled You’ve Already Got It. Mike is featured in Healing Journeys 3.

Come meet Mike and Caroline Hoesch and share in their miracle. They will be guest speakers at Charis Bible College Washington DC on March 10-12, at 6:30-9:30 pm. Charis Bible College is located at 6118 Franconia Road, Alexandria, VA 22310. Call us for more information (703)-743-0942.

Visit Andrew Wommack Ministries website to read about Mike’s healing and view the Healing Journey video with this link: Mike Hoesch Miracle


Feb 03

February Guest Speakers


Charis Bible College – Washington DC

6118 Franconia Rd, Suite 200, Alexandria, VA 22310

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 at 6:30-9:30 pm

Sean and Lisa Michaud

Michaud FamilySean and Lisa both graduated from Charis Bible College of Colorado in 1997. They were ordained by Andrew Wommack and the leadership of CBC in 1998. They have served as full-time missionaries since 1999. They have worked with new believers in Venezuela, pastored for three years in Lisa’s home country of Trinidad, conducted bible schools and village outreach in Russia and lived and ministered the Gospel in South Africa.

In May of 2005, they founded Kingdom Equippers Ministries International in order to help train laborers throughout the world to carry out the Great Commission.

While in Russia, they developed a DVD bible school that is being used in multiple in-church and home-group bible schools. There have been many testimonies how God has used the DVD’s to change the lives of people and to equip them to minister the Good News of the Gospel, which is God’s unconditional love and grace through Jesus Christ. Students of those bible schools have gone out and started new churches in villages and towns that didn’t have a church and also brought the DVD’s with them to use to disciple the people in those places.

At this time, they are based out of the USA in order to preach and teach the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Contact us at the school for further information:

email: cbc.washdc@yahoo.com or phone: 703-743-0942

Dec 10

Happy Holidays

IMG_0618Chip and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with much for which to be thankful. We’re thankful for a new milestone at CBC-DC that we passed as we left for the Thanksgiving holidays. The first term for CBC-DC had successfully ended. Report cards for the fall term went out on Wednesday, December 4. All students did well and we are proud of them.

The winter term began with a healing. One evening, after classes were ended and a few of us were standing around talking, Emily told us that she believed God wanted to heal someone’s knee. Philip said that his right knee was painful and he’d appreciate prayer. Emily spoke to the knee, prayed, and healing heat flowed. We all praise God for a place where the Holy Spirit gifts can be practiced and manifested before, during and after classes.

The break area and classroom are beautifully decorated for Christmas, thanks to the work and decorations of our students. We are preparing for the Christmas party December 11, which will be catered in our break area. Counting guests and students, we’re expecting about 50 people. At the rate our school is growing, this may be the first and last time we’ll be able to host a Christmas party in our break area.

Two new students are in the process of enrolling for the winter quarter. Since both of them are men, they will be eagerly welcomed by our currently outnumbered 3 male students. The total number of students will increase only by one because a current student is electing to do winter quarter by correspondence. She plans to re-join us in the spring.

Today, December 9, we’re watching the weather reports. The bare branches of the trees are coated in ice and crusty snow is on the ground. Most of the area schools have elected to delay opening for a couple of hours. Some of our students are more than an hour away from CBC-DC with possibly very worse driving conditions than we have. We’ll let our students evaluate their own safety and offer audio recordings of the classes they miss.

So this is how this newsletter ends, anticipating Christmas holidays and debating about the safety of winter driving conditions. How appropriate for the start of winter quarter! May your Christmas season be blessed by God and all the roads you travel safe and dry. MERRY CHRISTMAS and JOY IN THE NEW YEAR!!  


P.S. You may want to read the recently published article on Andrew Wommack Ministry website about Chip & Margaret’s journey from Tennessee to Colorado to Washington DC.

click on his link: Retired and Bored No More

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