Eric works for the Department of the Defense as IT project manager. He started with CBC-DC during the winter quarter as a full-time student. How has CBC-DC benefited him? He has gained revelation knowledge and deeper roots in the knowledge of God and his relationship with Him. Eric believes God has first of all called him to be His child and secondly to be a teacher in the Body of Christ. Eric is currently helping another CBC-DC student pastor a church in the DC area. He says, “CBC is the best place to be if you really want to get to know God and His Word.”



bird1Another full-time student, Kelsie, owns and manages an assisted living facility in her home named after her grandmother Catherine. Kelsey lived with her grandmother until she was 18 and had her own place. Then Catherine moved in with her. Kelsey had a friend who was unhappy with the facility where her mother lived and wanted to move her to Catherine’s House along with her mother’s friend. Catherine’s House was licensed to meet the needs of the elderly. At CBC, Kelsey most appreciates the unity among the students, the acceptance, warmth and love that only comes from the Holy Spirit joining everyone together. She says, “For me it’s all about the Word. If you are not teaching the Word you are doing a huge disservice because it’s ONLY the Word that will change your life. Charis teaches the Word and only the Word. I remember talking to Chip before class during the summer and I asked him what I needed to bring and he said ‘just your Bible, that’s our textbook’”.


Meet Philip Coleman

Philip is one of the full-time students at CBC-DC. This is his story of healing.

cropIMG_0410Philip Coleman led a strong and powerful life. When he retired in October of 2010, he had been on the SWAT team 11 years. With his status as a lieutenant colonel, he was the fifth highest man in the Prince George’s County Office of the Sheriff. But 6 months after retirement, he was weak and powerless.

First came fatigue. Phil ignored it, thinking he just needed more sleep. By the middle of March, his wife noticed that he wasn’t walking straight but veered left and right. Brushing off her concern, he hoped it was nothing. But when he woke up with blurred vision that wouldn’t go away, he had to admit something was wrong. By the time he was examined by an optometrist, his right pupil had moved towards the outer corner of his eye. Blurred vision had become double vision that left him unable to walk or reach out to grasp what he wanted. Captive to his chair, Phil tried to read the Bible. But he couldn’t remember what he had read from one verse to the next.

After medical tests revealed nothing, the doctors put Philip into the hospital. Teams of physicians examined him, asked him questions and ordered more painful tests. Suspecting he had an infectious disease, doctors from the Center for Disease Control came. They loaded his body with high-powered antibiotics, causing food to run through him before it was digested. Days stretched to weeks and Phil remained in the hospital. Through it all, he tried to let the joy of the Lord flow through him. It was all he knew to do.

One night, alone in his hospital bed, it all became too much to bear. He cried out, “God I must have offended You some way somehow.” Convinced that he was going to die, he repented for everything he had done. Finally, he fell asleep. When he awoke about 5 am the next morning, a blanket of peace covered him and he couldn’t wait to see Jesus.

At 8 am, doctors came into his room. The latest spinal tap showed something that they hadn’t seen before: signs of multiple sclerosis. Philip just wanted to know how long was he going to live. When the doctors told him 30-40 years, he was actually disappointed. But the steroids the doctors now prescribed brought some clarity to his mind.. “If I’m not going to die,” he reasoned with the doctors, “get me out of here”. Threatening to walk out on his own, he was released that day.

His problems didn’t end when he left the hospital. Two weeks later found him captive to his chair again but he had discovered that he could watch TV with one eye. As he tried to find a good gospel channel, he kept running across this country speaking guy he’d never seen before. Every time he changed the channel, there was that guy again. Phil would pause and listen a little longer every time before he switched him. Of course it was Andrew Wommack.

The day Philip went back to church, his wife had to drive. His son helped him walk. After church was over, one of the sisters, Sister Darlene DeMoss, said, “Phil, God told me to give you this”.

GodWantsYouWellHe asked “What you got for me Sister?” She led them out of the church into a back hallway and gave him Andrew Wommack’s God Wants You Well. He knew God had sent her to give him that book and he told her so. Opening it at home, it was as if light radiated out of it, shining into his soul as he read.

Matthew 17:21 talked about the unbelief of the disciples and this kind of unbelief only going out with prayer and fasting. Laying it all on the line, Phil proclaimed if I die, so be it, but I’m getting this unbelief out of me if it takes 40 days. After 2 days, the Lord said to him, “Phil, you’ve got to speak directly to that thing the devil is trying to present to you.” So rising up from his recliner, he spoke to multiple sclerosis, commanding it to leave his body. It was as if fire shot through him. Calling his wife, he told her he was healed. Whether she believed at that point or not, every day she could see her husband getting better and better. The physical therapists released him, telling him to keep on with what was working for him. What worked for him were the scriptures he spoke over himself. They were now a part of him.

The physical therapists and doctors had told him that he shouldn’t get overheated, be out in the sunlight or even exercise. Philip figured he might as well jump into a coffin under those restrictions because what he loved to do most was ride his bike. One day he told God, “I’m going to ride just a little bit.” Not the 30, 40 miles he was used to riding but only 5 miles at the most.

The Holy Spirit spoke directly to him. “Phil, did I not heal you?”

He answered, “Yes God”.

Did I not COMPLETELY heal you? So why are you acting like you’re not healed? I delivered you out of this thing!”

Phil’s jaw dropped. “My God! I’ve been letting satan tell me how much healing God did for me.” Philip rode 35 miles that day and when he got back to his car, he was so fresh that it was like he’d never gotten on a bike. Complete restoration was his and he knew it.  


Meet Nevien Tadross

When you move to a new community, you have to “church shop”. It’s something that not even the most extroverted among us enjoys. A Wednesday evening, we were first-time visiting a church recommended by one of our students, Mary Dridi. The cropIMG_0413problem was that we had overestimated the traffic on the beltway and arrived at church a half an hour early. There we sat, two little lumps in a huge empty auditorium.

Soon people began arriving, friendly people who introduced themselves and welcomed us. That was good. Even better was a familiar face in the crowd. “Nevien Tadross!” was what came out from deep within me. I recognized her from the picture that had accompanied her application to CBC-DC. We’ve been e-mailing each other for months.

Nevien’s jaw dropped. “Yes, but how do you know?” All I had to do was say my name.

Let me tell you about Nevien. She was born in Egypt. She is a police officer whose duty station is right across the street from CBC-DC. She is so familiar with the Arabic language that she administers the lie detector test in that language when it’s needed and simultaneously translates the answers to the test into English. She has informally translated some of Andrew Wommack materials into Arabic and plans to translate more.

Nevien is a police officer but has a floral business on the side. She also plans and administers “mystery dinners” where the entertainment is solving a who-done-it. I’ve heard that if you want to get something done, ask a busy person. God must believe that, too.

This summer, He has called Nevien to travel to Egypt. I have no doubt she’ll bring salvation to Egyptians of all ages through her deep involvement in vacation Bible school there.

“God brought Charis Bible College here especially for me,” Nevien proclaims. For years, she’s been praying for a CBC in this area. How like God to put one right across the street from her office!

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Video Testimony of Kim Harrison, a graduate of Charis Bible College