Web Links

Visit some of our favorites sites plus those of our world wide partners in the ministry:

CHARIS Bible College – Main campus in Colorado Springs, many archived videos of speakers and events.

CHARIS – Baltimore – new nearby campus of Charis located in Odenton Maryland.

Andrew Wommack Ministries – Andrew is a Gospel of Grace teacher, many FREE MP3 downloads, archives, and articles.

e-Sword – FREE – the best PC Bible study program, also many free Bible translations, commentaries, dictionaries, and more…

Ambassadors to the Nations – Darey and Karen Jolly have established Christian schools in Nicaragua and Mexico for many years helping and educating children. Sponsor a child in need for $10 per month.

Greg Fritz Ministries – Greg Fritz is an often guest teacher at Charis Bible College. He has many CD teachings and articles on the website.

Logos Ministries – Marcelo and Sandra Duarte are recent CHARIS Bible college graduates and missionaries to Brazil.

Teach All Nations – Delron & Peggy Shirley are traveling teachers and directors of the Third year missions program at CHARIS-Colorado. See Deloron’s daily ditties at the bottom of the home page.

Christians Seeking Identity –  Mickey and Suzan Cartagena teach and serve pastors and missionaries in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and other Latin-American countries. Their website has wonderful teachings and great lessons.

Kingdom Life Ministry – Arthur Meintjes is a wonderful teacher of God’s unconditional love. His site has books, MP3 downloads of teaching series. 

Barry Bennett – CHARIS-Colorado dean and Bible college professor in Spanish and English. Great resources for Spanish as first language believers.

ChipMorrow.org – Chip Morrow is a third year graduate of Charis Colorado and the co-founder and past co-director of Charis-Washington DC. This site has many FREE downloadable Bible lessons, teaching series, and several annotated books of the Bible.

Terradez Ministries – Ashley and Carrlie Terradez minister in teaching and conducting Abundant Life meetings. They also have a large video Friday night Bible study broadcast.

Mike Hoesch Ministries – Mike Hoesch is an excellent teacher on healing from his persoanl healing and Bible study. 

Sozo Life Ministries – Joseph and Ewa Sederstrom, missionaries to Poland and founders of the CHARIS-Poland school.

Palormares Ministries – Alex and Julie Polmares, missionaries to Mexico and directors of the CHARIS-Mexico school in Queretaro.